Monthly Archive: October 2014

California Construction News

California Governor Jerry Brown has recently signed a new law which prescribes criminal time for unlicensed work that previously only drew administrative penalties. The law threatens punishment for handymen who advertise services for jobs larger than $500. This prevents “informal” laborers from taking work from formal employers. Also, California has decided to go ahead with plans on the construction of the nation’s first bullet train. Land in Central Valley has been purchased and demolition on necessary building has begun so that the new train line can be built. Finally, the California construction industry has been a huge contributor to job growth in California, with a gain of roughly 13,600 jobs. A main reason for this have been many projects in the early stages of startup quickly gaining momentum, meaning more work. In California, permits for housing construction, remodeling, and non-residential construction have all been on the rise as well.

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The Upturn of the Economy

Upturn of the Economy

In recent months the United States economy has proved to be strong and it is likely that it will remain strong.  People seem to remain skeptical about the economy still but here are some facts that may have been overlooked:  Firstly, the International Monetary Fund (an organization of 188 countries working to secure financial stability) projected the United States economy to become of the fastest and most advanced growing economies in 2015.Secondly, unemployment is at an all time record low for the last decade.  Finally, the United States seems to have enough financial stability to remain strong despite global economies being projected to weaken.  With these statistics and new outlooks we can be confident about the upturn of the United States economy to remain durable.