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Be In The Know Before You Go

Safety Begins Here
You’re about to start working on a new job. Wait. Stop. Do you know your whole job? Everything about it, that needs to be known? If not, you may want to go back and do your homework on the project. Researching and preparing beforehand is extremely important for guaranteeing safety. If you try to figure out your safety precautions while you are doing a project it will ultimately cause problems. It slows down the process of your project being completed when you have to figure out what to do while you are doing it. Furthermore, it can cause safety hazards when you do not know your whole project before it’s start. It can not be reiterated enough the safety is of the utmost importance on a work site. Trying to figure out safety before as you work is an accident waiting to happen. Part of a job includes the preparation. In fact, the preparation might actually be the most important part. Knowing all about your job before you start will not only make the work run more smoothly but it ensures safety for everyone involved. That is why it is or motto to “know before we go” on a job.

CAUTION: Don’t Get Hurt! – Heavy Equipment Safety

safety first
The sheer size and weight of heavy machinery, such as bulldozers, graders, and ground moving equipment, can make them extremely hazardous if the proper safety measures are not taken. When it comes to using these machines, these safety tips are of the utmost importance to ensure an absence of injuries. These safety tips are not recommendations, but are critical to be followed precisely:
  1. Before starting any project heavy machinery must be inspected both visually and physically.  Physically checking the equipment is critical to prevent issues including: torn belts, worn brakes, and leaking hydraulics.
  2. Make sure all component parts are properly secured and disabled when storing machinery. Just because equipment is in the “off” position doesn’t mean that it is safe. Mobile equipment  must have its breaks in the locked position and the owner’s manuals of most heavy equipment provides information on how to safely secure equipment when stored.
  3. Weather conditions mean that extra precautions must be taken to ensure safety. Rain can cause a shift in the ground under a back hoe. Strong breezes can affect the balance of a crane. Safety must be in the front of everyone’s mind when working in poor weather conditions
  4. Heavy machinery operators should never work when impaired or under the effects of medications. Workers must be monitored to ensure they are properly able to operate all heavy machinery.
These safety procedures are critical in making the work environment, that includes heavy machinery, safe. Safety requirements will vary from machine to machine but it is important that each employee operating a machine is familiar and trained with the machine’s operation and safety precautions. It is the employer’s job to ensure that everyone on the work site is safe around heavy equipment. At Horizon Underground, we are here to get the job done, but more importantly we are here to be certain the everyone on and around the work site is safe.

Where in the World is Horizon Underground?

We moved
Don’t worry, we didn’t pull a Carmen Sandiego and disappear. However, we did pack up our boxes, load up our vans, and move. A new year meant a new location. We are now located at 1595 Mountain Avenue Norco, California 92860. The possibilities at this new location are endless for us and we hope you take the trip to come and visit. As we brought in the new year we have the goals to continue to have a positive outlook on our jobs and to continually build strong and meaningful relationships with current and future clients. What are your new years goals for your business? If they involve underground drilling and trenching, you know where to go (we just gave you the address). Horizon Underground is here to help you reach your new years drilling and trenching goals and make you part of our drilling family. Currently, we are very proud to announce that we have 500,000 feet of work on the books. Our goal is to continue drilling and trenching our way to 1 million feet, all while aiding your business to the best drilling and trenching techniques for your specific job. Happy New Year!