Relationship Status: Clients

Relationship Status: Clients
Log onto Facebook, go to your relationship status and change it to taken. I know you’re a business but it doesn’t matter. Every business should be constantly involved in not one but multiple relationships at the same time. No, we won’t call you a “player” for two timing all your clients, having many relationships with multiple clients is essential for success in your business. Here are some tips for keeping up a great relationship with your clients. To make it more interesting than just any old tips they are in reference to dating tips. After all, you want to woo your clients so that they keep you relationship.
  1. Be honest. Always. – Ever have a date lie to you? That’s the worst feeling and chances are you’ll not be calling them back any time soon. The same goes for clients. Being honest with your clients is of the utmost importance. You want your clients to trust your company and even if something is going wrong if you’re honest with them about it and have a solution ready chances are they’ll value your honesty. Then, the relationship is built.
  2. Be timely. – No one likes waiting around in a restaurant or at the movies by themselves for their date to show up. Your clients won’t want to wait to hear from you either. Make sure you are timely when you message them and if you set a deadline be sure to meet it. A relationship with your client will be built if you are always sure to be timely. Your customer will appreciate you being on time and not standing them up.
  3. Communicate. – The key to any good relationship is communication. Communicating with your date is very similar to communicating with your client. You need to be sure to keep up communication with all of your clients so that they are always in the know. Communicating with clients via emails, social media and old fashion post are what keep you client updated on everything happening with your company. This leads to a great relationship between the company and client.
These tips will ensure that your relationships with your clients don’t end up in you getting stood up or dumped by them. Give them a try.
Relationship Status - Clients

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