Ever Changing Technology of Directional Drilling. What You Need to Know About It.

Directional Drilling - Horizon Underground located in Corona, California

Directional Drilling – Horizon Underground located in Corona, California

                        Directional drilling is the practice of drilling wells at multiple angles in order to reach and produce more oil and gas receives. This practice came about in the 1920s and in addition to being more profitable than traditional vertical drilling is also better for the environment. The technologies used for directional drilling are ever changing to improve the process The most recent change comes with a device called the Helios Inferno PDC cutter. This cutter uses deep leech technology which results in faster drilling and greater durability through sandstone and limestone ll while maintaining the well path. Also recently released was the Cutter Index  which ranks cutter technology according to its resistance to thermal degradation, abrasion, and impact damage. In the directional drilling world it is of the utmost importance to stay on top of these ever changing technologies in order to remain competitive in the underground drilling field. At Horizon we are committed to doing just that to remain at the top of our industry not only in practice but in knowledge as well.
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